Friday, September 30, 2016

APEX Connect 2017 stays pink!

After a superb APEX Connect 2016 in our pink NHOW hotel in Berlin, DOAG decided to go over there in 2017 as well. But wait, didn't Niels tell us at APEX Connect 2016 that we look out for Munich? Well, we did. We searched the whole city for suitable locations and actually found one: the Leonardo hotel. This fancy location was perfect for Connect 2017, so we asked for an offer. Unfortunately, the place was a lot more expensive than Berlin was (actually Munich is more expensive in general). So we asked ourselves: "Would you be willing to pay many Euros extra just to be in Munich instead of Berlin?". In the end, we said “no”. Combined with the commitment of the NHOW hotel that they will replace all existing beamers in the rooms with full HD ones, the choice was made in favor of Berlin. To make a long story short:

I'm pleased to announce that APEX Connect 2017 will be held from 9-MAY to 11-MAY in NHOW hotel in Berlin!

Those of you who would like to present, you can now submit your abstract here:

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