Monday, October 17, 2022

Getting up to speed with Oracle Application Express (APEX)

Want to start developing web applications with Oracle Application Express? Make sure you don't reinvent the wheel and adapt good practises from industry experts right from the start.

Here are some tips for beginners:

1. If you don't already have APEX installed, don't install it yourself, but get a free workspace within minutes on to be used for demo purposes.
For production purposes, you can use the free tier on with two databases up to 20 GB data without any cost.

2. Start making your first apps using our APEX tutorial (German) or from Oracle (English): (includes good practises!)
Take note of some the shortcuts from Oracle:

3. Install and explore all prebuilt apps from the App Gallery in the APEX builder

4. Learn about how to build process-oriented apps using Flows for APEX

5. Watch some great sessions about APEX:

8. Enroll in the free APEX course from Oracle and get your certification:

9. Engage with the APEX community online:
Follow various blogs using your favorite RSS client

10. Meet APEX developers personally at regional conferences:
ODTUG Kscope (USA/Canada)
DOAG APEX Connect (Germany)
NLOUG APEX World (Benelux)
DOAG Conference (Germany)

11. Events to stay in touch with APEX developers between the conferences:
APEX Meetup Groups

12. Gain/share more best practises:

If you are starting with APEX, but don't have any clue about what a database is, I suggest you have a look here:


  1. Very good tips for beginners. Great praise for your commitment to the Apex Community :)